Single Round Match #09

Warm greetings to all the coders out there!

Welcome to the Codechef Campus Chapter .

Me , Ninad Chavan and Harsh Sanjay Agrawal will be the problem setters for Single Round Match #09.

The contest will commence on 3rd March (Sunday) for 3 hours from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Theme for this contest is PUBG. I hope the theme itself is more than enough to excite you for a "CHICKEN DINNER".

There will be 3 problems of varying difficulty of 100-200-300 points respectively. The penalty due to WA/CE/RTE/TLE solutions for problem will be applicable only after getting an AC solution. Scoreboard is updated with ICPC style of rankings where users solving more problems and earliest will be at the top. Time penalty of 20 minutes for each unsuccessful attempt will be the difference factor.

We do encourage referencing of online resources in case of any difficulty but any form of plagiarism will be met by strict action.

Feel free to contact us or anyone in the CodeChef Campus Chapter team if any there's any kind of discrepancy found in the problem statements

Special thanks to Ninad Chavan for helping in testing the problems.

See you at the arena at 7:00.

Goodluck and godspeed programmers!

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Created On: March 3, 2019 6:09 PM

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