So much to remember!

I always wonder, how do these programmers and developers remember these cool magical statements which literally change the world, or at least get them an AC on a problem statement😆.
I just admire this skill to remember all sorts of algorithms, statements, functions, headers, tricks and shortcuts! How do they keep all this in mind, without letting any piece of the code escape, or avoiding irrelevant stuff at any time?
Programming is endless, maybe flappy bird ends somewhere, but programming... NEVER! You can keep learning, working, learning and still never keep up with the technology advancements (which is what I like about the entire idea behind programming)! Keep digging and digging, there is no sea bed stopping your way! Only increasing complexity can stop you, that too if you let it do so!
When you begin, you are enjoying every tiny bit of code you write! You want to master the entirety of the language (or at least that's the case with me 😉 )! You start writing code on your PC and saving them locally. Or better you get a new notebook for writing the code! I have done this when I first time saw code! Naa not c++ or python, but HTML😝. I was so fascinated that I drew columns, enough to fit in a single character in each cell. I literally filled the entire notebook. Drawing those lines alone was a trip to the moon.
Soon, programming becomes overwhelming huge! And that's when I quit the notebook practice 😅.
It is difficult to understand what is relevant and what is not. Now actually getting to the answer, how is it humanly possible to store all this logic into the brain? Let me share some ways I remember code... Or at least make some implementation which make the code easily accessible later.
I don't know something, or I don't understand how to do this...
Let's Google it then! But what to google? "Code for binary search in c++" OR "How does binary search work?". Well always take no shortcuts in this fun journey, move bit far, wander near the rivers, breathe the pleasant air, maybe get pricked with a cactus on the way 🤣 but, learn the wilderness of this jungle.
Copy pasting is good, saves time. But only once you have understood it, and if you have typed it sometime back at least once. I like to keep some tasty code, maybe on my github, or in form of text tutorials, or somewhere.
Some of my code, when I don't remember, is easily available to me all time. Maybe in form of some previous solution I uploaded. So, these were some ways I store code.... But Mithil, we were supposed to know how one remembers code right?
To be honest, it is a question I will also like to know the answer of... Only time will tell me based on my experience. Glad you made it this far! Hopefully you liked it! Thanks for reading! Keep coding!

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Created On: January 28, 2019 11:37 PM

  • Jan 29, 2019 12:09 AM

    Great content Mithil, though I am also in search of its answer but Yes, rightly said that storing the code written by us on github or any other place is always good. If we refer our own content instead of the one available on internet, it will be easy for us to understand and analyse. When we refer our code, we know that why we wrote this line or why we used this variable only.

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  • Jan 29, 2019 5:50 PM

    Yes Vipul! Thanks for adding to it, glad you liked it :D

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