SRM02 - Report

Results :
Congratulations Participants! You did a great job in the competition. Kudos to our top 5 programmers of SRM02:

1. Shridhar Ravi
2. Mandar Milind Kotnis
3. Vipul Singh Raghuvanshi
4. sanoop menon
5. Arpita Rane

Editorial :
1. Pritam Loves Discount
Run a loop of T test cases. Bus Fare for one side of the trip is given to you. Fare for the whole trip will be double of the given price. Just subtract 10% of total amount from the total amount to get the final discounted price.

2. Pritam Hates Bus Conductor
Just iterate over all the specified ticket fare expressions and those which are calculated wrongly store the corresponding ticket code in an array or vector. Finally display the number of elements stored in the array or vector and all the elements in the array or vector.

3. Pritam Likes Cupcakes
Collect all squared number in a vector as per constraints in sorted order. Run an optimised binary search for finding a number with minimum difference from N.

Coded Solutions: Click here

(Make sure you use your Siesgst email address)

Thank you all for participating! Stay tuned for more contests.

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Created On: August 18, 2018 10:10 PM

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