SRM01 - Report

Results :
Congratulations Participants! You did a great job in the competition. Kudos to our top 5 programmers of SRM01:

1. Aditya
2. Pritam Negi
3. venkhatesh
4. Vipul Singh Raghuvanshi
5. Aditya Parthasarathy

Editorial :
1: Tom vs Jerry
Run a loop of T test cases. Take 10 integers as input of an array. Count the number of zeroes and ones in two separate counter variables. Compare the counter variables and print the corresponding output.

2: Scooby Doo Is In Danger
Run a loop of T test cases. Take a string input in each. Keep separate counter variables for s,c,o,b and y. Iterate the string character by character. If every counter variable has at least 1 occurrence (except o which will have 2) then print yes else print no.

3. Save Dexter’s Laboratory
Take the n integers as input of an array and sort the array. The ith greatest integer and jth smallest integer will have an index of n-i and j-1 in the array. Calculate their difference and print the answer

Coded Solutions: Click here

(Make sure you use your Siesgst email address)

Thank you all for participating! Stay tuned for more contests.

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Created On: August 11, 2018 10:28 PM

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