Our mission is to help programmers learn, share and improve themselves in the world of algorithms and competitive programming.

SIESGSTarena is the name of the CodeChef SIESGST Campus Chapter and an online platform for conducting programming competitions.

A place to explore the incredible world of coding and a team with which solving any crazy problem becomes possible.

by Ninad Chavan (NinadC)

A battleground where you contend to conquer, with a lot to Learn, Run and Debug...

by Cibin Chandrashekhar (ShadowCBN)

Fun isn't something one considers when creating problems. But this.... does put a smile on my face.

by Rahul Sawantdesai (rsd511)

Building the platform helped us solve a lot of technical challenges which we never thought of. I'm always excited to see what's the next problem we'll be solving and the creative solutions which comes with it.

by Omkar Prabhu (prabhuomkar)

All of us learn new things but when we actually implement it and do mistakes is when we learn more and more. CodeChef Chapter team has offered me a positive environment where everyone is working with passion towards perfecting a work.

by Shambhavi Sudarsan (shambhavi)

Every puzzle has a solution , every question has an answer, the real puzzle lies in speed, and the real question is in your head. Can I solve this?

by Harsh Agrawal (harshagr18))

Omkar Prabhu

First Classroom Contest
October 31, 2015

Official Platform Launch
November 18, 2018 (18-11-18)

From college classrooms to the World Wide Web

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